Reflections 2

“How do you feel that you have benefited from the online community in this course?”

Writing a quick bio and reading those of my fellow students makes me feel a lot more connected. In the normal course of a class, I would probably have similar conversations with the students in my immediate area, but I would never know everyone. I can see how the discussion board will evolve and play a larger role in longer classes.

It also reduces the sense of isolation. The course feels much more personal and alive when I can see that others have the same questions, and sometimes the same difficulties with the site or an assignment. Having the ability to go back and review those discussions again is very nice! I’ve never been one for journals; writing down everything I talk about in a day simply doesn’t cross my mind. Who knows, after this experience I might start.

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Reflection 1

“How realistic do you think it will be for you to adhere to a schedule in order to devote the time necessary to complete the required work in your online courses? What measures will you take to ensure that this happens?”

This week has been an eye-opener. I am posting this on a Friday after all! Work, school, and life all collided to make things a bit of a mess. But posting this late is completely self-inflicted. Next week I’ll focus my lunch on Monday to assessing the reading & assignments to the week, and developing a schedule from there. I need to weight towards the beginning of the week as much as possible due to a family commitment – completing things earlier will be tough, but it will make for a stress free weekend.

I’ve placed tentative reminders on my calendar for times I think will work best, and those alarms will help me stay on track. I’ll have Saturday as a safety valve, but it can’t be the primary work time since I won’t have my main computer with me during the whole day.

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